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Added countdown timer for various events

Discussion in 'Site Discussions' started by Zeras, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Zeras

    Zeras Administrator PC Gamer

    429 Messages
    I added a new countdown timer to the home page for various events. The first one of course is the Steam Sale countdown.
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  2. Blast Hardcheese

    Blast Hardcheese Well-Known Member PC Gamer

    70 Messages
    Noooiiiiiiice :D:cool:
  3. SlaughterMachine

    SlaughterMachine Well-Known Member PC Gamer

    227 Messages
    It's counting down something stupid like the Steam sale when it should be counting down something important like my Birthday. Sheesh.

    Funny thing is I almost never go to the home page. I only click "New Posts". The only time I probably see the home page is when I get private messages and when I leave there. There is no "New Posts" link, so I click the site image then click new posts.