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Does anyone have a 34" curved gaming monitor?

Discussion in 'Technology Discussions' started by Zeras, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Zeras

    Zeras Administrator PC Gamer

    429 Messages
    I have two 27" monitors and have been thinking about replacing them with a 34" curved gaming monitor eventually once the prices drop a little more.

    The biggest complaint I hear about them comes from light bleed, usually in the corners.

    I will definitely want G-Sync support as well.
  2. Achilleslastand

    Achilleslastand Well-Known Member PC Gamer

    210 Messages
    They look impressive but a little out of my price range, I got a HP 32 inch 1440 monitor last year for about 450 and am happy with it so far.
  3. Zeras

    Zeras Administrator PC Gamer

    429 Messages
    I use both of my 27" screens side-by-side for development more so than gaming. When gaming, I tend to use just one screen though I will watch TV/movies on one of them sometimes while gaming depending on the focus required.

    For development, it comes in handy to use two screens, but I am thinking I could make a 34" monitor work because they are wider than 34" TVs so I could split the screen in half without the annoying bezels in the middle.

    Of course having it for gaming would be great too. My dream setup would be three (3) 34" curved monitors :D If you haven't seen that setup, check out the videos on Youtube. Some games support all three screens which means you can almost get useable and playable peripheral vision with that setup. For example, if you're driving a car, you can see out the windshield and the door windows just by looking with your head/eyes.
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  4. SlaughterMachine

    SlaughterMachine Well-Known Member PC Gamer

    227 Messages
    Excessively large monitors for 3D gaming I do not find helpful. Actually, I find them a hindrance because you can only focus on a section of the screen when you need to be aware of the entire view point.

    It's the same issue as sitting very close to a large television. I've always felt anything larger than a 27" monitor becomes too much and even then. You need a desk large enough that it can set back about 3 feet from you.

    I currently have (2) 22.5" monitors. I purchased them when I was using a really small desk. I could upgrade them to 27" monitors now that I have a much larger L shaped desk. Though as noted, beyond that I believe they become a hindrance for gaming.

    For graphic artist and even developers larger screens can be good because you can visually see more areas of the screen, but even then. There is too large. Again, the sitting close to a large TV scenario. If you have to turn your head to see another part of the same screen. Then yeah, you're doing it wrong.
  5. Zeras

    Zeras Administrator PC Gamer

    429 Messages
    When I play games, I usually play on just one of my 27" monitors and I tend to play directly in front of it around 18-24 inches away. When I develop, I use both 27" screens, side by side, about 2.5-3.0 feet away.

    I would love to have a gaming chair (or really good recliner chair) with arm-mounted monitor stands holding each monitor in place without a desk.

    To see game demos with three 34" curved monitors, watch this video:

    Now, if you have a tiny desk (there's help for that now *grins*), then it is understandable that a smaller monitor works well for you. It's all about perspective. My main TV is a 43" TV because I sit around 8 feet away from it. If I was sitting 15-20 feet away, I would have bought a larger TV. I have a large desk *flexes* because I spend a lot of my time each day working, so I like to be comfortable and the 27" monitors on my desk are probably around the same perspective that 22" monitors would provide on the regular sized desks that most people have.
  6. Section446

    Section446 Member PC Gamer

    16 Messages
    I have one...


    - Too big for most desks, you can't get far enough away from it.
    - Not enough in the hz department... Even with G-Sync, you'll still experience some screen tear if you're playing competitive games.
    - Not a lot of 4k options.
    - Not a lot of games optimized for them yet.
    - Any game prior to 2015 is rough because you can't get the resolution that high and you're dealing with black bars.
    - Better have a hell of a system, you'll instantly lose 20-30% of your FPS at that resolution.
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  7. Zeras

    Zeras Administrator PC Gamer

    429 Messages
    Good info! Thank you for sharing that!

    When I eventually get a 34" curved monitor I plan to keep one of my 27" monitors beside it. I have a large desk so space will not be an issue. I have no desire at this point for 4K gaming monitors due to lower FPS in general and general drain on the system. With the 27" monitor I can always play games on it when they don't support 21:9 or the performance drops too low.