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Playstation VR

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussions' started by BigStar, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. BigStar

    BigStar Well-Known Member Playstation Gamer

    59 Messages
    This feels like a fad but wanted to see if anyone on the forum has tried it? Was thinking of getting a PS4 Pro but on the fence. Anybody have any experience with this thing and wanted to get info from PS4 Pro owners as to whether the upgrade has been worth it? Thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  2. SlaughterMachine

    SlaughterMachine Well-Known Member PC Gamer

    227 Messages
    I think VR is a ways off. I suspect it will be room based (more holodeck like) rather than headset based before it comes to fruition in a big way. The headset stuff is going to make people sick.
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  3. BigStar

    BigStar Well-Known Member Playstation Gamer

    59 Messages
    I hear ya there, and not a big fan in general of VR even "when" but some of their games are getting good ratings; could be fanboys though. I wouldn't be as heavily invested in the VR tbh (not a big fan of wearing that headset) as much probably as the PS4 Pro performance just considering frame rates/graphics compared to the original. Should've probably put VR/PS4 Pro, my b.
  4. Zeras

    Zeras Administrator PC Gamer

    429 Messages
    I've been curious about VR (all platforms) myself lately. While most of it is market hype right now, it will be interesting to hear reviews of it as more top-tier games add support for it.

    For me though, I still remember the VR market phase back in the 1990s that never came close to the hype it received. Unfortunately, so many movies, tv shows, etc. have episodes or scenes with VR that's not based on actual consumer VR technology, or even existing technology, and a lot of people are left confusing what they *think* is current VR rather than what *is* current VR.

    I hope VR takes off and lives up to the hype, but I am not sure we are there yet. The industry needs the hype train to push more game developers to add support for it, because like any new gaming platform, console, etc., it will only ever be good if it has a lot of great games for it.
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  5. Uraja

    Uraja Member iOS Gamer

    24 Messages
    I don't trust my wife enough to put on goggles and be oblivious to my surroundings. I kid?