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Discussion in 'Site Discussions' started by Zeras, Dec 17, 2016.

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  1. Zeras

    Zeras Administrator PC Gamer

    429 Messages

    The GameNotOver FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions about GameNotOver

    Please read this FAQ before posting as it will help answer a lot of your questions.

    What software does GameNotOver use?
    We use XenForo which we consider the best forum software available.

    Who designed the site theme/layout for GameNotOver?
    The theme was created by Zeras.

    Is there a light theme version of the site?
    No, we purposely chose a dark theme because it better fits the gaming atmosphere.

    Is GameNotOver mobile friendly?
    Yes, GameNotOver supports responsive design which means it will adapt to fit the screens on most mobile devices.

    How can I reduce my bandwidth usage on my mobile device while viewing GameNotOver?
    We implement caching techniques that should prevent the reloading of most resources and images more than one time, but you can also help speed up the site and reduce bandwidth by disabling user signatures. To do this, go to your Preferences page and uncheck the Show people's signatures with their messages box and click the Save Changes button.

    How can I speed up GameNotOver?
    GameNotOver is already very fast due to running on an enterprise level server and using one of the fastest forum software packages available. That said, you can also speed up the site by disabling user signatures. To do this, go to your Preferences page and uncheck the Show people's signatures with their messages box and click the Save Changes button.

    Where do I post about any issues I find with the site theme or layout?
    Please post all site layout and/or theme issues in the Site Discussions forum.

    Where do I post my comments about GameNotOver?
    You can use the Contact Us page or post them in the Site Discussions forum.

    Does GameNotOver use secured connections?
    Yes, GameNotOver runs on secured connections with SSL (https), but we do have it setup so the non-SSL URL (http) will redirect to the secured site.

    Why am I unable to access some features nor create threads after joining GameNotOver?
    New members are placed in a temporary user group that has several limitations in place to help protect the site from spammers. Simply focus on participating in existing threads and after you meet several criteria, your account will be upgraded to full member access automatically.

    How do I select which type of gamer I am?
    Go to your Preferences page and select your Primary Gaming Platform.

    How do I stop the site from sending me emails each time someone posts in threads I create or post in?
    By default, the system is setup to email you notifications when threads you are watching receive new posts. If you want to stop the emails, you can go to your Preferences page and uncheck the and receive email notifications of replies box and click the Save Changes button. Do not uncheck the "automatically watch threads" box or else you will not receive in-site alerts for activity in those threads which is very helpful, especially when you are asking for help.

    Does the site support special edit features like BB Codes?
    Absolutely. For more information on bbcodes, check out the BB Codes instruction page.

    Can I be a moderator?
    Please do not ask to be a moderator as most users who ask to be moderator usually want to be one for the wrong reasons.

    How do you choose moderators?
    The current staff chooses the new moderators.

    How are moderators selected?
    A user is invited to become a moderator for a variety of reasons. These reasons include remaining very active on the site over a long period of time, helping other users, posting regularly; remaining level-headed and calm even during debates, etc.

    ... more to come ...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.